I Will Protect You

There is nothing worse than being attacked by someone you thought was a friend, worse yet, someone you shared a relationship with. There is no reason for the painful and cutting words people say out of anger. And we know that a revenging counter attack isn’t the answer… So what do we have as a recourse?

Prayer and Praise my friends! We can pray for our enemies, pray for our ability to forgive, pray for God’s protection when we are weak and Praise Him for everything that He gives to us. The Lord has promised to take care of every need we have. He has so much love for us! And while it is so hard to understand what He is doing in our lives when we are under the enemies attack, we must hold onto His Covenant He gave to us. We have ETERNAL LIFE because we BELIEVE.

So, wipe your tears, allow the Joy of the Lord to overcome you, wrap you soul around Jesus and allow Him to wrap you in Protection with His Loving arms. You will not be moved as you are rooted in ZION and the Lord goes before you!


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