I Will Transform You

Ever wake up wondering if your life is going in the right direction? We all do! We fear if we’re making all the right choices to end up at our destined success. We hope that there will be joy and providence in our future. So how do we really know if we are on the right course?

As Believers, we were promised to have a renewing of the mind. Simply stated, that we start to think and act more like Jesus everyday! The more that we envelop ourselves in the Love and Good News of God, the more we come to comprehend what He wants for our lives, because, by His Nature, we start desiring the same thing! It’s a miraculous transformation when we really think about it. But, it lays foundation to our seemingly random existence and coaches us through times of confusion and obscured wanderings.

So, when you’re lying awake in the dark, pondering your path, Pray for guidance and then, move forward. Is there nothing that God cannot rectify in your life? Is there anything that He cannot make good of? This is the “sound mind” the scriptures speak of. God is not of confusion but is of understanding and grace.

Use the renewed mind you have been given to sight your path and move forward with a high head knowing God’s will is slowly becoming your will and you can only transform more beautifully each and every day.


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