I Will Provide for You

What would our prayers be if we were to get everything we prayed for? Would you pray for an album, or your team to win a game? Would you pray to nail an interview or get an X-Box for Christmas? The simple knowing that our prayers would be answered no matter what makes me think the majority of people would most likely pray for things like a million dollars, a new home, a new car or that beautiful piece of land. What would you pray for?

These types of things are what we call provisions. They seem to be the basic things needed to survive. But sometimes, the house you have in mind is much different than the house God has in mind.

Praying isn’t like wishing. It is not meant for the purposes of our daily whimsical ideas of perceivable blessings, but rather a communication that develops a relationship that provides the most intimate findings of one’s true self. Prayer is conversation with God.

Have you ever prayed for money, food or a place to rest your head safely? Some of us have had too and some of us not. I have and it gave me a much greater understanding of what I should pray for and what will be automatically provided for me.

The Good News is, God has promised to provide every single need I will ever have as a Believer. And ironically, this isn’t always an embroidered bed of feathers, a feast fit for Kings and a nice cold beer. Sometimes it’s a cot, a piece of dry bread and stale water. But, He knows what we need to survive.

Always count on the provisions of the Lord! He will never fail us because we are so incredibly important to Him! And remember, a grateful heart is a happy heart.


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