I Will Give You a Kingdom

Feeling inadequate of His Glory? Feeling run down, tired and just plain spent? It’s okay, most of us get to feeling this way. With so many pressures to be a good person and do the right thing, who wouldn’t feel inadequate?

The Good News is that when we know we are at the end of ourselves and realize our need for our Heavenly Father, He gives us the whole Kingdom of Heaven! Wow! The last shall be first brethren!

It’s not a matter of winning the race, it’s a matter of walking it. You see, the Lord doesn’t want our strong, our virtuous, our leaders and our magnificent. The Lord wants our broken, our wanderers, our lost, our injured and our poor in spirit. These are the ones who can be magnified to portray His Glory and Riches!

Praise God! We as the weary have an advocate! A Leader! A Representative! Praise be to Jesus who Saves the Fallen! Praise be to Our God of Salvation for all His Grace and Patience showers us into His Loving arms and safe haven. Be at peace little ones, your Father has got this.


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