I Will Create & Perfect Your Faith

Feeling hopelessly unable to continue to Believe that there’s going to be something good that comes out of all this struggling? Feeling a bit weak in the “faith” department? I get it, who doesn’t run low on stamina once in awhile?

The Good News is Jesus is the Author and Finisher, or “Perfecter” of our Faith! Meaning, we aren’t even mustering our own Faith! Our Faith is something that is given to us by God! It’s not a verb either, it’s a Noun! What? Yes!

So, you can’t strengthen your Faith, or make it work better… We can simply recieve it but hearing the truth through Jesus Christ and allowing it to transform us! When we hear the truth and believe it, The Lord is giving us the gift of Faith. And as we seek him more and more, He is perfecting that Faith.

Praise God that there is so little for us to do to earn our Grace and Eternal Life! Woohoohallelujah!

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