I Will Make Things Possible For You

Have you ever had a task so daunting that it literally took over your mindset and made you believe that it could never come to pass? Oh man! I sure have! I’m facing a daunting situation right now! A path that is on course to make me wise and strong, but it’s taking forever and not every day makes sense… The Good News is this!

The Lord will go before us to make a way for all things according to His will to bring forth Glory and Praise to Him! It’s not about us understanding the will, it’s about us following Him through His will! Yes, it can be scary at times to walk into a place in life where you can’t see the outcome… But if we put our Faith in God, He will see us through any circumstance and cause the Impossible to Happen! That’s right! The Impossible will Happen!

So instead of focusing on what we aren’t able to do, Let us Lean on the Lord! Because with Him all things are possible! Let us be like David, who took Goliath’s head! We are warriors of Praise and will lead the armies of God shouting Honor and Thanks to the Heavens as we Move Mountains and Seas!

Wow! Can you imagine the power we have? Let it encourage you Saints of God! You are able to do anything that God wants you to do!



  1. I marvel at your ability to put words together so well. You said this “well.” When I had read the title to this Kept Covenant article my first thought was, “I wonder how Corrie will draw this out of the Bible?” Surprised first by the verse you used! And of course settled into the article with the assurance that you had caught a spiritual fish that would serve as a feast to fill my hungry soul. And you did! Excellent work Corrie. Excellent work!

    You sure know how to make a Daddy proud.

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