I Will Establish You

Ever had that moment when you know exactly what to say as a Believer, but the words don’t come out right because you want to sound cool at the same time? I get it… Been there… Done that…

The Lord has worked with each and every one of us through separate trials and different situations to build His church in such a way that not one of us will be without wisdom on a specific condition. We are all growing wisdom on different levels so that every opposition can be transposed into contentment by the Word! And we will always have some way of Encouraging one another! Don’t you see there is a method to all this madness and it all starts with His Gospel! The Good News!

We are given such an amazing armour that we will be able to conquer any enemy when we are united! That is why it is so incredibly important that we uplift and inspire one another with the Good News and Gospel every chance we get! And, it is important to study the word and build our relationship with the Lord.

Live on! Relax God’s Got This! You are Okay! And Use the Faith God Gave You! And always remember to practice Patience.


  1. Excellent! I love the simplicity of your latest posts. You stay to a relative point of view and don’t rabbit trail in any way. Well said. Thanks again for your posts. They bless me!

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    • Thank you! I’m trying to work on short sweet and relative to the subject! It’s a new style of writing, but a formidable style. I’m hoping it truly helps people in time if need.


  2. Again, you have mastered an ability even I yet to possess. Simplicity of thought, yet deep enough to cause the reader to stop and think. Loved it. Thanks my sister in Christ. Much love to you!

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