I Will Prosper You

Ever feel like you’re like you’ve got the “non-midas” touch? Like you simply can’t prosper from your works? You tire easily and you want to do the right thing because you know that’s what you’re “supposed” to do… But you just keep failing? We all go through times of strife! But there is an easier way!

The Good News is that we don’t have to! God has told us that we are the Trees of the Garden! Believers become Trees of Life for others to eat from when they are feeling down, ungraceful or stammering for the Gospel. We have the ability to serve others just by being alive and rooted in Christ!

But pay attention to what we are to mimic, trees. Do trees try to grow? Do they strive to make the right color green? Do they sigh and fear and cry out when their root isn’t growing fast enough? No! They are in a constant state of REST. They wait on the Gardner of All Life to nurture them and bring their fruit forth effortlessly!

We have been given fruits of the spirit to feed the hungry and the Lord has the ability to multiply that fruit from us so that we are prosperous in that! Do not fear that you are not enough, do not fear that you won’t know the way, just rest and do what comes naturally as a Believer and let God take care of the rest.

God Bless Everyone! Be Trees and Rest in Jesus today! Thank goodness for His blessings and teachings that bring us up everyday!

This one dedicated to the man who always knows what to say to wake up the spirit in me and… Steven Scheffler, you’re the best Dad a gal could have. Thank you for seeing God in me before I ever could!


  1. I read this with such a blessing in my heart! You are certainly a tree in the garden of our God. And you are certainly a tree that bears the fruit of life. We have BECOME ONE in UNION with the Triune God we serve! We are His many membered body! Love what you said! It was certainly a continuance of our conversation earlier today. Love you sweet daughter of mine.

    Alias Steve

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