I will Heal You

Ever feel like your sadness, guilt, shame, anger or sin is making you ill? It can! The body can strive or thrive and typically the condition relies on the mental disposition of one’s mind.

Emerging from one mindset into another as our minds are renewed by God can be very confusing. Our Adamic Nature is more comfortable sulking and wallowing in sin, for that is what it was born of. But our Spiritual Nature wants to bring forth Life and Joy! The two are quite separated from one another. So how do we find ourselves in spiritual nature instead of adamic nature when we are ill in mind and body?

Prayer. The seeking of God must bring forth our Joy. When we gather with Christ in our hearts, it is two gathering, beseeching refuge on behalf of our Adamic soul… Therefore our God will hear our cry’s and save us from ourselves. The answer is always prayer.

Reach out to your Heavenly Father, cry out for His Protection, His Strength when you don’t understand what is going on. He is here to save us. He will shadow us from the scorching sun while we traverse the Land of Not. His Lovingkindness is better than anything we could ever receive in our time of despair. Praise God for His blessings rain upon us in every time of need.


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