I Will Give You Discernment

Ever felt lost in the middle of your own thought? Realizing that what you used to see as truth didn’t seem like truth at all anymore? Like the blindfold had been removed, and now you can see things for what they really are? It’s astonishing what foolery happens right in front of us when we’re not looking at things with our Christ-Like Vision isn’t it?

As Believers, we are consistently growing and maturing in Christ. As the Transformation starts talking hold, changing us from from TOKOGAE Thinking & Language to CHRIST-LIKE Thinking & Language, we see more and more like Jesus! Remember that Christ saw everything much differently than you or I do… So the ability to look at things with what God calls a Sound Mind is called discernment. It is looking at things without the insanity of our Adamic Nature! And being able to discern what God thinks of the things in our life.

When we start applying this wisdom (or word) to our lives, we are able to think far past the physical realm we dwell in and start living in the Spiritual Reality which we have been reborn into! Then, things like jobs, desires of the flesh, money, anger, hate, anxiety and false hope don’t make sense to us anymore. We come to realize the things that truly bring happiness and peace, and none of that comes from the world we are in now.

Set your sights on Lord’s will for your life today! Discern the purpose of the things happening around you, and remember that every single tiny thing is meant to bring you closer to Him… That is the Purpose of Life.

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