Morning Breaks Another Day

Good Morning! I woke up and found so much fellowship on

Social Media this morning! I am so grateful to folks for their beautiful hearts, their Love for the Lord, their constant Encouragement and Fellowship and their Grace to remember to share the Good Word, the Living Water, the Bread of Life and their struggles. It reminds me that though I am here in Flesh, I live by the Spirit of Christ within me.

There is so much to happen in the next year… But as I watch God clear the way and prepare my path, I know He has so much Greatness to show me. I feel like one who has been holding their breath under water for far too long and I’m swimming to break the surface of the water… It’s right there, just a few more kicks and I will pull in air… I’m right there…

The Lord brings us through great calamities to raise us to higher ground. The Storm was this world all along, but I have found refuge in His boat that rocks back and forth calmly. Soon I will walk on the sea, plucking heads for His namesake to bring them Home for Eternity.

But for now, just for today, I will live in the now.

God Bless Everyone! Celebrate your Faithful God today! Celebrate all the good works He is doing in your life whether or not you can see it! Because it is BY FAITH that we walk in the Garden with Him even now.

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