Perceiving Our Destiny | It’s Not All Written in The Stars

Our Heavenly Father Knows us as “Who We Are In Him”. Not who we perceive ourselves to be by comparing our lives to what we think it should be. Our destiny isn’t written in the stars or in horoscopes. Our destiny is happening right now…

Folks get caught up with the word destiny. It’s true that we, as Believers are destined for Righteousness and Eternal Life! But, the meaning of Destiny in the Temporal World has been twisted into an assumption that God worked out all the kinks for your future and that nothing bad will happen to you if you are a good person. This is just not true!

des·ti·ny /ˈdestinē/

noun the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future

Destiny means for you and I as Believers, that we will reach a place with the Lord as it was first created to be through circumstances that are necessary to bring us to the Lord! Now, that translation suggests that the type of circumstances may not always be fun! Do you see the shift there? We come from the feel good perception that He does all good things, to the realization that He does what is necessary for His Purpose. It definitely is a change in perspective.

But who of us understand fully how our God truly thinks? And what does that mean when bad things happen to good people?

It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just the way it is. God said, until my return, sin shall rule in the Earth. But for those who Believe, He would work through all things for the good to Glorify His Name.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.

Read that again… It doesn’t say, everything happens for a reason. It doesn’t say that He makes all things comfortable. As a matter of fact, a lot of things will go very awry! But in the end of struggle, trial and tribulation… We learn about God’s love for us and Grace and Mercy! We learn about Christ and what is actually important in Life, things like Character, Hope, Faith and Patience! And these are the things that Glorify His Name! This is according to God’s Purpose.

Deciphering scripture is also something we learn through strife. We must see God’s word for what it is and stop translating it into “feel good” messages. We must encourage one another constantly in prayer without ceasing! Because this is the way of the Lord! As much as we would like to believe that God is concerned with how we “feel” about something, He isn’t. God has no need for the human emotional factor. That is the way of this world. We are not called to listen to our “hearts”. We are called to have a “Sound Mind”.

So then, where does that sound thinking come from? By following His word, reading the paraballes, we can see in the scripture how the Lord brings us to a very steady and focused existence of leaning on Him. We need to stop running ahead and sorting out what could possibly happen and instead, be right here.

This world would have us plan for every moment of our future if it could facilitate it. Ironically, while we all plan for our future with goals and insurance, we all know down deep inside that tomorrow is promised to no one! So why stress and be anxious about what could happen instead of being present in what is happening now.

We have been given the Divine Right to consistently live with no fear, doubt or hesitation. Who of us have made decisons in our life without any one of these factors being involved? It’s about taking one step at a time with confidence that God will prepare the path before our feet and give us coping skills when we falter.

As far as for me and my journey, I have come to realize this life is about walking in the garden with Him. Have you ever strolled with a friend? It’s done leisurely, without haste or direction. It happens naturally and submissively. Like a child following a parent. A child takes a parents hand and awes at the wonder all around him! He doesn’t tell the parent where to turn or dig his heels to stop the forward action… Well, he does, when he has gained KNOWLEDGE of his own existence. And this clearly explains our own rebellious behavior with God… But that is a different story, for another writing… Typically speaking though, we see the child take the hand of the parent and simply follow.

God tells us to live in the moment and not to dwell in the past or live in tomorrow. When we sincerely do that, the mindset changes and we start realizing that nothing is pre-determined, but everything that that needs to happen will. And all the while we can be in comfort knowing we will always overcome every situation with God. We can make decisions with prayer and then with confidence that God will continue to prepare the plan under our feet. We need not set a course for when we do, we set ourselves up for loss. Loss of the interpretation that we did good works instead of God working in our lives. We can have Faith to take another step, Hope that all things will work according to His Divine Purpose and do it with Character because we can decipher the messages around us without getting emotional about them.

God really has made a way for us! He has given us tools and experience through the old prophets and new to traverse this journey with our heads held high. As Believers we have more freedom than we could ever imagine! It’s our mindsets that need to change, not our feelings about the journey.

So, put down the map, put on your helmet, along with the rest of God’s Armour, look out the window and enjoy the ride Children of God! If Jesus is really going to take the wheel, He doesn’t need a backseat driver.


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