Psalms From a Traveler

This day has been done from the dawn of time to the end of the West for all men to fall in belief of one man and one man alone.

Let us not believe in ourselves, less we be swallowed up and condemned by our own hatred that blinds us to signs and wonders of His Majesty.

Dear God, forgive me as I do not bear witness to what you are doing here by my tongue for no man can mention the holiness of your ways Lord. So be it here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

But these are the ways I testify you are doing these things for the good of your will in the life you have given me,

He, the One, is coming and will hold us in His Hand during the quake.

All things seen in the desert will come to pass and the famine will end.

I Thank you my Lord for the rocks when my head is tired and for the staff for my weary walk through the wilderness.

I Thank you my Lord for the one set of footprints in my past. May you forever carry me through the land of not and disarray my works bring to me.

May my blind eyes and my deaf ears be opened to see and hear of your works in my land.

May you widen my heart to keep loving through the torched skin and weathered soul this old body displays.

May you catch my tears to replenish the rivers you lie me down at and sear my feet to warm the soft grains under my feet so that I may eat everyday.

Quicken my death when the time is near, for the walk here has fractured my Faith from it’s source and squandered my hope to the wolves.

I have feared the evil that came for me in the darkness only to have found myself in the belly of a whale. All the injustice bears witness to your teachings and truth has poured from the mountain in times of suffering.

I am no scribe of these events as my tongue is tied between languages of my home and my stay; but may these thousand years be summed up in one word, Love.

I will walk my cross to lay it at your feet where you have prepared tables for my enemies to watch me feast upon your word.

And though my flesh is torn and my eyes stained with grief, as your bride, I come graciously to recieve you.

Catch my cries of pain as hailings to the king and my woes as songs of joy. I will speak of Joy in the kingdom while I sit outside the gate.

The people can scorn me a fool, but my crown lies in your cloak of Righteousness and my jewels of reckonings shine as the son.

This day, my bread of life. This storm my living water.

This trial my day of revelation and this death my rebirth. All of this day be glorified in the sufferings of Adam for His namesake.

May we dance in this day of jubilee to the bright sound of branches clashing together and hear the roar of the seas mounting!

This is the day of war and peace within one country, one heart, one man and one mind.

This is the day my Father has made, and I will be glad in it. This day, this life, these thousand years, are well with my soul.

One comment

  1. A Psalm indeed. It is written like one. Some of the phrases I didn’t understand though. I guess one would have to be in your mind to get it. But overall, I can see the cry of your heart and wish and want of the Shepherd you so trust in and love. May it all come to pass inwardly. There the Kingdom of God has been established. The outside, flesh and blood, will always complain. It cannot understand the things that God is doing within you. But your spirit speaks well of what God is and has done and will yet do!

    May peace reign within you. Your soul won’t understand the peace of God. In fact the peace that comes from God is often a bit strange. It is an inward calm, dismissing the storms outwardly. Your soul will still be hating the storm and the uncomfortable ways of the storm. But your spirit, as it becomes the center of your relationship to God and for God will comprehend it more and more. You are being DRAWN AWAY inwardly. To that center of you that is full of Christ. Just like the earth has gravity from an unknown inward source, so is the way of the spirit. It is pulling you inwardly, PAST the soul, the mind of flesh and blood and causing you to live a way of life that is foreign to the human.

    This is God. This is God drawing you nearer to Himself. Causing you to see the invisible world, the unseen realm, to be far more important that the visible, seeable realm.

    I love Corrie!!!


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