I Will Fill You Up

Some people have asked me recently why I share so much “religous” stuff on Facebook.

For a very long time, I was without Hope, wandering blind. But the Lord came to me in all His awesome Glory and Grace and caused my eyes to see and my heart to feel.

I share because the Lord is the only True Hope we have in this world. I share because it is His Divine Love that will save us from ourselves. Nothing more, nothing less.

I started Syllables of Grace with my Father, Steven & Mother, Cara a few years ago… Then Jesus then lead that quiet. I continued worship and my own studies and was lead to create a page called Kept Covenant or KeptCovenant.org, meaning, “kept promises”.

I now have a large bloggers website full of encouraging mini stories teaching the ways that God has shared with me through scripture and experiences. I also was lead to host LCTLove.com, meaning, “Live, Change, Transform, Love”

God changed my life so incredibly that I vividly transformed into a new person right on the world’s stage. Now people ask me, “What happened to you? You have changed!” All I can do is agree with them, because I’ve changed so radically by God’s hands, that even I cannot see all the magnificent colors God has put in me.

So, if you’re curious, have questions, want to know more or are just excited about what you read… Please feel free to Comment, Like, Expound, Share and Engage on my Ministry Blog & Social Media Postings! Or email me at corrievallance@gmail.com

We are in this together! Let us continue to Encourage one another in the Promises of God!


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