Thriving, the New Survival Tool for the Body of Christ

This past month has been an extraordinary time in my life as a Believer. In the beginning of this massive global crisis with the COVID-19 or Corona Virus; I reacted in fear and frustration just as many of us did. I reacted to the political stances, the hyperactive reasonings and the scare tactics. Then the Lord asked me to reflect on my actions, and I had no good answer. I was not living in the promises God had revealed to me this past year! I had reverted to my old “Adamic Nature” and I was surviving instead of thriving when indeed we are to manifest our peace by His Grace in times such as these. He asked me to notice what my performance was doing for the body of Christ. He asked me if there could be a better way.

I didn’t know what that better way could be. I had never stopped and listened long enough to see what the Lord would say about it. So, I started listening intently for my Heavenly Father to give me answers.

This past month, I have seen those answers unfold in living deliberately by following God’s ways instead of my own. It’s been week after week of ministry and fellowship. A time full of thriving instead of surviving. A time full of Joy and Happiness as though there were no crisis happening at all.

The Lord reminded me that I am in Him and He is in Me. We are intertwined for Eternity! For there is nothing that can separate us from the Love of God! We get to live each and every moment of our lives Thriving in His Spirit! Thriving in the Living Word! Thriving by His Holy Nature being poured out of us as we live supernatural lives here while we become fishermen of men! Thriving on Spirituals! Thriving on Life and not on Death!

This world is corrupt. There is no secret in that statement, we all know it to be truth. It is in it for personal gain, that is all. It is not to give Glory to God! It will not seek Him first! That is why we must cling to Jesus! Seek His Living Waters and Breads of Life! To fill us in our times of need. So that our cups overflow and Manifest His Love for us through our actions and reactions in this world. So that we become the true temples for Christ. To hold His Body, His Church high, ready and waiting for His return to Earth.

We must center one another during these times. We all have different abilities and gifts to secure one another in Spirit. Let us wade in the waters of the sea and clutch the lost and burdened souls with every new casting of our nets. We have been given a powerful grasp when it is used in Love! Praise Be to Him in the Highest! He has set us free.

Praise God each day for the Glory of the Lord has been placed on our heads so that we may magnify His Ever Loving-kindness!

Seek a way to Thrive not Survive! Then let us take these key notes of Freedom and share them with the people who are in slavery to the world’s fear. Blessed be the Name of the Lord, for His Mercy endureth forever and ever. Let us Praise the Name of the Lord in these perils so that when we are blessed our Grateful Hearts will shine that much more!


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