The Church Must Share What They Know About COVID-19 | What is the Real Agenda for Believers

A friend asked me if I thought the virus pandemic is real or fake. My first thought was, “what pandemic?” And, then I realized they weren’t “in the know”. It was time to shed some light on the situation and the truth was far from the reality my friend was immersed in.

I’ve had it, (presumably), and the Corona virus was a 4-day cold that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but it wasn’t death either. So how do I say yes to knowing the virus is real, but not share the fear of it without being insensitive to the situation or spreading more fear about other agendas that are simply overshadowing one fear for another?

But then again, if I am not sharing truth, I must be wishing death on them and so I must share what I do have, and that is knowledge of the agenda that no one is talking about. God’s Agenda for the world.

So, No, I don’t think it is fake. Here’s what I do think is fake in all of this rhetoric though…

What I do think happened is that the situation of the virus spreading was used purposefully and therefore magnified by people using media who wanted to place a political agenda while people were distracted. We have seen this type of distraction in the past and should not be taken with astonishment at the possibilities of it happening again. Whether that agenda be vaccinations, socialism movements, presidential elections and political offices, laws and statutes, travel bans or tariffs… That I cannot speak to because I, as most Americans, am not in on what’s behind the curtain.

But what I, and so many other members of the church can speak to is this. A large majority of people have been convinced they can’t fight due to many different reasons. And ultimately what has caused humans to be so fearful, wayward, sheep-like and timid is the lack of Christ in their everyday Belief Systems. If our lives are more focused on what God is doing in our lives instead of the government, our paychecks, illnesses and vaccinations; we would be much better prepared to handle worldly situations such as these. Unfortunately, we have become worldly, and therefore have no power in and of ourselves to win this battle. The only thing that is going to help us with those giants in the Land is prayer and vigilance for truth.

We must continue with prayer and supplication asking the Lord to guide us through this Land of wickedness as the Lord continues to render the Church from it. We know, without a shadow of a doubt that God said He was going to cleanse the world of all wickedness. Did we think we knew exactly how that would happen? Have we as a whole presumed we know what the Agenda of God is and how He will play it out?

We must continue to encourage one another in Faith and Blamelessness. We must remember that all of us were once lost, but now are found by the mighty hand of our Heavenly Father who works ALL things to the Good of His People for His Namesake!

We must not follow in footsteps of spreading rumors and speaking ill of one another! Be confident in the research you have done, share kindly if you want to help, but do not bash back when ridiculed. Don’t hate or scold. Don’t hold things against those who are blind! They have not yet been healed by God. Who are we to judge one another? If He has not opened their eyes yet because they are not ready to see; who are we to shake them into sense? Remember that no matter where a man sits, God is in control of all of it!

Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for the leaders of this world, whether they are in your political party or not. The scripture tells Believers to do this. And we know they need all the prayer they can get!

Love one another. And speak in kindness. But also speak in Joy! For we, as Believers, are separated from this Land! We walk in a Kingdom and God’s wrath is not on our heads! And though it may surround our feet, we will walk on water! Being refreshed by His Love all the while.

Praise Him with Thanksgiving for all He has done and what He is doing for us. Praise God for He is all-knowing and will always keep us and not harm us! Giving thanks for the things that we can learn about the Heavenly Kingdom even now in turmoil and in these wrenched circumstances. We must use Faith to see this agenda and step out of Flesh and into Spirit!

This Earth is temporary. Period. I always like to reiterate that sentence for people because so many of us say it lightly. We see it as there is something we will take from it still even though we know it all to be wiped away.

Everything we know of, support, believe in, route for, despise or loathe, even feel with our emotions, is temporary. So then what do we have to hold onto? The scripture tells us our Spirit is what lives on! Our relationship with our Heavenly Father. As important as going to work, paying the bills, making dinner, walking the dog and your yoga class seems, it’s all temporary and has absolutely no defining edge to your place with the Lord or His Heavenly Realm.

Your Spirit however defines it wholly. So spend your time on that. Nurturing your Spirit with God’s Love, His Word, His Hope, His Joy, His righteousness, His Peace and His Forgiveness. These are the things we can focus on to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

If you, as the reader are wondering how do those things apply to the Corona Virus, here are some steps to implement in understanding the Agenda of God and how we as Believers can share it with the world.

#1 Forgive the President
When He stumbles on words, try to understand what his message is. No one is perfect, not even us. But if we can do better, start working on becoming President. Otherwise, we vote the best way we know how, Pray for the one who wins and count on God to make it work for us no matter who’s in office. It’s not about this world’s leaders, it’s about Christ the King!

#2 Love One Another
Not everyone is as tolerant as the next. But we must be willing to be patient and show each other decent respect and love. Treat others as God has treated us. Love goes a long way in an agreement, think how much further it can bring a disagreement.

#3 Spread Joy and Peace
We all know the rumor mill is running 24-7 right now with lots of different fears, anger and sadness attached. Our job as Believers is to remind the world there is someone greater than all of these things! One who gives Mercy and Grace! One who brings Peace and Joy!

#4 Read Our Bibles
Continuing to educate ourselves with the word can make or break our ability to give false hope or true hope to this world. Spend more time preaching about God’s Love for people rather than your belief in the conspiracy you just read about. The Word is our Sword in Battle. And who of us would go to battle without a sword?

#5 Pray Alone and Listen Each Day for God
The Lord lives to spend quiet time with us. He wants to answer our questions and concerns. He has real, honest and informative answers too! The Problem is that most of us were used to praying on one day of the week in a big Tabernacle rather than sitting on our bed quietly and talking to Him personally. We were not created to have an emotional religious relationship with God.

We were designed for a Spiritual one. And if we confuse the effectual purpose of these, we will be lost in a desert with no living water to quench our thirst. Talk to God about everything, and then wait to hear Him answer.

Be well, be at peace, be still and know there is only one God, One agenda and one Hope for all mankind. Jesus, our Living Water and Bread of Life.

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