Shielding Yourself Protects Only from Truth | Sin is the Virus

When you ask me why I do not fear this virus and why I refuse to wear a mask with folks who come to share and fellowship with me. I finally have a legitimate answer for you.

Jesus never cast the Lepers from Him, rather He touched them CLEAN and sent them to testify.

This world is having each and every one of us treat people as though they are Lepers. We are “social distancing” to “protect” them? Really? Is that why they are alone and committing suicide? To protect Us from their Sadness?

Open Your Eyes. If the last thing I do on Earth is Hug and Encourage a person with a virus infection that takes my life, then it was worth it. Do I care “who” I take with me? No, because that means it was their turn to meet their maker as well.

Come on guys, this is about DIVIDE & CONQUER. How many more people will you shut out of your life because of Fear. How many more deaths need to be marked by the beast of deceit before you see the shackles you are in? Why are you drinking the Koolaid? Why did you choose the blue pill? Did you ever think that the red pill may have stood for Christ’s Blood? In that which we are saved by the Way, the Truth and the Life?


Do you really think He was only talking about Satanic Ritual? Cults? Pedophilia? Porn? Hate? False Prophets?

No! He was talking about the LIES the Wolves will tell you that sound “Just and True”! He tells us LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND YOU WILL HEAR THE TRUTH! He says that deceit comes in all forms and we must NOT COMPLY.

Hope is for the sinner who looks for a higher righteousness than he has found on earth. Blessed is the man who meditates on the word of the Lord. For those who do not seek the Lord will fall away like chaff into the wind and will not be revered for their offerings were futile to the will of God.

But those who follow Him and Stand Firm in Faith shall rise up and become Kings in the Promised Land. Behold! Your King has Already Risen! He has already come! What do you wait for? Is your Spiritual Healing not enough to walk side by side with Him as Heals the Lepers in their land? Will we Fear Death when we walk with Eternal Life? Believers, what do we have to add to our Salvation? The time is right now and these are the lies that are being hidden away in your thoughts and in your minds to later deceive you and bring you into the darkness. For your stand will be full of fault and your stance weak. Your eyes will be blinded by principles when the King walks by because you will be blinded to the Truth of Royalty that stands right beside you.

Do not give up your glass of water for a jug lest you be filled with poison and not with Life. The world wants to deceive you into sharing it’s deception. Do not fall for their lies and instead share the truth that is written upon your the hearts and minds of those who walk in Salvation.

Encourage the Saints of God by the Freedom of Christ that resides within us! We are Sanctified and Shameless! Holy and Blameless! Redeemed from the Curses of Law and Sin! We are Strangers in this Land and ought to act in the manner befitting of our Faith, not our compliance. If God set us apart, let us not run into the line of war. If we are a New Creation, let our lives show the Life we have been given. If we are children of God, let us not be elders of wickedness.

Stand Firm and Faithful, for God is with us in the now and He is speaking His Truth over the Lands. And every tongue will confess and every head will bow and know that He and He alone is our God.


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