In Christ, I am a New Creature

God not only promised to save us from the world, but also from ourselves! The Flesh is put to death, the Mind is being Renewed and the Soul is being Raised by our Heavenly Poppa God who wants nothing more than to Love and Keep us in Him and His Ways forever and ever.

Upon our Belief in Him, and because of what Christ did on the Cross, we have been joined with Him in such a way that we are actually put to death with Christ and ReBorn into a New Life and a New Way of Living and Thinking! We are New Creatures born of God instead of Adam! By the redeeming blood of Christ we are reborn as Strangers in a Strange Land! Our ways become God’s ways through the renewing of our mind and raising of our souls.

This world is not our way, that is why as Believers we get so confused and frustrated. The Old Soul is being released by Christ within us to Live in a different way than it used to. It will argue endlessly against what our New Spirit knows in Christ. It’s almost like having two identities. Nevertheless, we must continue to choose God’s Will for our lives instead of our own as a daily choice. We must heed the word of the Lord and seek to understand His ways as our own so that we can be guided instead of wandering all the days of our lives.

2 Corinthians 5: 17

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, He is a New Creature; the old things passed away; Behold, new things have come.

So Believers! Each morning as you prepare for another day, remember to also place God’s Promises close to your heart and put on the new self so that you may feel restored and fresh each day and through every situation that comes your way. In this thinking, you are Holy, in Hebrew meaning set apart, and Righteous in the sight of the Lord.


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