My Testimony | From Pain to Power

Three and a half years ago I was rear ended at 45 mph. My 5, 6, & 7 discs liquidated into my spinal cord. I also had a ruptured lower disc in my lumbar area and degenerative issues. My Spine was riddled with Arthritis as well. I was close to being paralyzed! It was the most painful time in my life. I’ve had chronic pain my whole life, but this debilitated me on a whole new level.

I had to have spinal fusion surgery on my neck. I was petrified. The doctors that came along were wonderful though and they expedited my care. Several of my doctor’s were even Believers and they would pray with me during care and doctor visits. It was a very scary time for me, but I started to notice that all the right people were there to help me through. Four months after the accident, my surgery took almost eight hours, I had a spinal specialist and at the last minute was given a neurologist. It was completely successful! I even had the same voice as I woke up in the surgery center right after the surgery! (Spinal fusion sometimes causes people to lose their voice because it disrupts the vocal nerve. As a singer, this was one of my greatest fears.) The doctor straightened my scoliosis while he was in there… He said the surgery went perfectly but, OMG! Talk about pain.

So, after that, I lost everything! My physical abilities, my music career, my business, I was devastated.

Then, my daughter moved out to live with her Father, my boyfriend broke up with me, my dog died and my life was in complete shambles. I had no idea what was going to happen in my future. I went through three different jobs while trying to recover. I lost friends and connections I had been building up for years. Everything seemed to be falling apart, but little did I know, it was all falling together.

Through the process of learning how to be in this new body, and new mind that God calls a New Creature, Abba started calling my name. He called me His Own. He began removing sinful ways in my life and then reestablishing me in the Word of God and giving me a new way to walk!

I now counsel and lead people to Christ. The Lord is so Good! Living with a New Spiritual Self changed my outlook on EVERYTHING! I started  I was brought from living in TOKOGAE (The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) to living in His Knowledge and His Way! And now Life was so incredibly different!

On top of restoring me and my life in Him, He brought my ex-boyfriend to the Lord! He brought my Best Friend into Salvation too! He has given new life to so many around me! He has used my pain to show His Light, His Healing and His Grace to the world… Or at least to the little Universe around me.

I’m so grateful now for each and every day. I became depressed, angry, hateful and even suicidal! But Jesus saved me. Took me from the bottomless pit this world put me in and gave me a new way of walking.

So, if you think what is happening to you now is the end, I have GOOD NEWS for you Brethren! It is only the BEGINNING of what God is about to do in your life! He is the Alpha and Omega! He is the FINISHER of Our FAITH!

The Lord may be calling you into a New Lifestyle! He may be calling you to give you something more than what you thought you could ever have! Maybe He’s calling you to remove something that is hurting you in your life! You don’t need to know right now, you only need to BELIEVE!

And know this! The Lord sometimes has to put us on our backs so that we can hear Him! He will get our attention when He wants it! He is calling you right now! This message came to you today to let you know He wants you to hear him.

So, PRAY! Seek the Lord! Read the Word, Fellowship with other Believers! And Ask and You Shall Receive! Study Him like you’ve been studying your own ideas! Replace your thoughts with Him. Give Him the chance to give you what He wants to give you!

God Promised to BRING GOOD thru EVERYTHING for those who BELIEVE in Him! So Start BELIEVING!

Share you’re testimony with me! God bless!


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