Prophecy of Promise for That Which is to Come

The Lord is speaking, have you heard Him? The Spirit is moving over the waters of this sea and the Believers are being awakened.

There is a great shaking that is coming and it will set Free those in Chains of Bondage who seek the Truth. But Whoa to those who are blindly existing in this Matrix we call Earth, for they fill their bellies on lies and base their footing on emotions. They will fall and be called short of God’s calling. And their feeding tubes of TOKOGAE will be pulled from their blistered mouths and they will cry out for death to take them at the sight and sound of God’s return for they are fatally wounded without Possessing the Residing Spirit that the few have obtained.

We, the Believers, the Different call out to you. Follow don’t lead. Come to be Set Apart and Holy in the Sight of the Lord. Lay down your way and Follow the Shepherd. Find in yourselves the lost soul and shed to it the Glorious and Magnificent Leading Light of Jesus. Will you see a Destiny of Riches and not follow? Will you be so stubborn in your own mindset that you won’t wonder at the marvels of God? Who are you to posses such Knowledge that it rises your head above water? For if you were truly blessed with the Knowledge of the Lord, would your feet not rise to the surface of the water to walk you on Holy Ground?

Keep your wandering doubts to yourself oh lacked one. Your Faith is in yourself and in that which will die away and support nothing but darkness and loss. The intertwining of deceitfulness is being uncovered to a mass fewer than those who can’t see the Truth. The Truth will be called conspiracy and the darkness will decieve them. May the Faithful Sheep not stay quiet to the wolf they have witnessed! Let the battle cries be heard from Nation to Nation, from one ear to another. As Satan works to quiet the Faithfulness of Man, may His minions be struck in their helmets of falsity. The feet of the men will fail them and their hearts will despise them.

For nothing more can we offer to the world but the truth that we have been given to set forth the ways of God on Earth as it is in Heaven in order to free the nation’s and break the spell of TOKOGAE. Whoa to those who know what they speak of as though the knowledge came to you thru the world! For we speak of a Knowledge that comes through Spirit and this cannot be wavered or spoken against for those who strike a shield of Faithfulness will be bounced back seventy times seven!

And those who thirst for Truth will be quenched, but those who look to silence it will be stricken with never-ending thirst. And those who hunger for Spirit will be fed, but those who hunger for the world will be filled with an uneasing hunger all the days of their lives.

For these are the words of the Lord. Let all those who know Him stand firm against this world. And do not let them be conformed by fear or anger of the drowning. Those who walk on water have risen above into Heavenly Places and will not be touched by the boiling sea in the last days. But the flesh of the fallen will seer, sweat and burn away as they walk the bottom of the waters being deafened by the waves of wrath that churn the water in the heads.

And moreover, beware for those who speak against the Truth when the words come from a Saint for they surely have forgotten their creator and a special place in the darkness will be set aside for their wailings. This place is not our eternity. This place is not our stronghold. We are traveling to a place in Spirit, all of us and we can only serve one master in the Land we travel to. So let our Shepherd be the one of Peace and Hope and Life. For the other is a wolf coming to devour the feast that has laid itself for the slaughter because they refused to hear, and refused to see the Light of the World and Believe in Jesus.


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