How to Find Favor in Our Father’s Eyes

Do you ever feel like you are just one step out of Favor with God? That no matter what you do or how you pray you can’t get close enough to feel Him blessing you? You’re looking for easement, peace with understanding, a knowledge of what is coming… Not Favor.

God’s Favor is Correction, it is Refinement, it is Provision for what we need, not what we want. While we seek Him, He starts working on our thoughts, emotions and our Adamic Nature that causes us to think outside of His Holy Realm. His desire for us is to become one with Him and to do that, we need a lot more than we think we do!

God’s Favor is Unconditional Love, Patience in Waiting for us to come to Him! He isn’t going to crash into us and cause us to Love Him. He waits for the right moment so that by our circumstances we Fall in Love with Him.

God’s Favor is Grace and Mercy when we keep making choices outside of His calling for us! God’s Favor is here for us all. But, we must be willing to accept it with an utterly submissive and grateful heart.

It doesn’t come in great perfection in this world, it comes in a great perfecting of our Faith. It’s the Transformation of our Mind, Body and Spirit that we start to see He had us in Favor all along.

God’s Favor comes to us when we Start Listening to Him and Stop Listening to our definition of favor. When we find silence, we find an eruption of gladness for the things that have been and for the things to come. Whether we understand or not.

Why? Because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. What more do we need?



  1. Hey Corrie,

    I thought about how I might correct something you said and this seems the best way.

    *3rd Paragraph:* God’s Favor is Unconditional Love, Patience in “*Paiting*” for us to come to Him!  Not sure what you mean by Paiting, which doesn’t seem to be an English word.

    Again I like the simplicity of your comments, short and to the point.  I would, however, encourage you to reread these comments and fatten your commentary.  I don’t think you make it as clear as it can be.  The idea is that FAVOR of God comes out of His mercy and grace, not by our trying to control life outcomes.  FAVOR is found in the New Covenant idea that we aren’t trying to EARN FAVOR by accomplishing the work of salvation through self-effort and law abiding, as is portrayed through out the Old Covenant.  FAVOR is found distinctly through our FAITH.

    *Hebrews 11:6*  And without faith *it is impossible to please Him*, for he who comes to God *must believe that He is *and *that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him*.

    The body of what you are saying, seems rushed.  Still good, but not clear.

    Honey, one of the problems with writing as you do, is that there seems to be at times a ‘necessity,’ in your comments.  It is not coming out of relationship with God as much as, I started this, now I have to finish it, feeling.  A duty bound to continue it. Perhaps to gain a larger following.  Rather than something you really, really sense a calling to perform.  I know… I’ve done this myself many times over.  And ever as I write to you, I write to you to encourage you to write only when the Lord truly encourages your spirit to do so.  Not out of obligation to “Kept Covenant!”  This is when ministry looses it primary goal.  That is to build disciples individually, and not necessarily in a corporate way.  If at anytime your ministry is coming out of a necessity to do so there will be a mark of confusion and not clarity.

    I have to watch myself carefully when writing music.  It is because I think more songs are necessary to keep my name in front of people?  Then, I stop writing.

    May I have served you today with a sense of true understanding to what and when you write.

    I love you with all my heart.  It would seem that the greatest importance to my life is now to pour into you everything I know. That I am truly burdened to do, but a burden that I gladly invite as long as you are built up and not torn down.  At anytime you feel I am touching you with something less that Jesus Himself, please let me know.  Silence for me is a precious economy of wealth untold.

    Yours in Christ, Stephen, your spiritual brother at your side to ever encourage you towards the high mark of His calling in your life.

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    • Wow. Quite a long comment!

      Kept Covenant is meant to be a commentary blog, so I try my hardest to keep them short and to the point. I have a tendency to drag on when writing and do repeat myself, so in this particular blog, my point is to not overstate the obvious and simply share something God said to me.

      In this particular entry I entered it when God told me that something I read over and over wasn’t true. A Preacher on FB was telling people they were missing God’s Favor by not acting right and by not making good choices in their lives. Somehow I felt like he was saying, God doesn’t care for you until you do what He’s asking you to do. Which is absolutely incorrect information.

      I was very moved to write this entry. But, I wasn’t moved to carry on about it, simply to mention what God put on my heart. I also did it after 8 hours of work on my computer. And I did it on my phone. I reread it in fact 8 times… so, not sure how I missed a typo, but alas they happen. The fact that there is a typo in it does not speak to the fact that I was in a hurry because it took me an hour and a half to write this statement as I prayed and asked God to help me discern how to keep it short, sweet and to the point without going into works. I wanted to address the thinking that it’s only about GODS WORK in us, as I stated Correction etc… Not to talk about our works.

      So, I’m sorry it seemed rushed and I will fix the typo. I truly appreciate your correction and will continue to pray about the topics I write and only write when moved. You can find my long drawn out and wordy writings at… but Kept Covenant is holds small encouraging words, quick thoughts, and short story type of entries.

      Thank you Daddy, always with much Love and Respect, your first born

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