Landing on Your Feet | A Gift or a Talent

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Do you ever wonder how some people always land on their feet? How does it always work out their way? Does it sometimes just get under your skin?

I have been a rock-and-roll’er for as long as I can remember. I play secular and christian music. Tonight, listening my “Liked Songs” on Spotify, I hear so much in these song lyrics… (Lyrics noted at the bottom) The message is coming from the one who is angry… But I do see the side of the one who always lands on their feet. It’s actually a joke with me and my besties…

Wanna know my secret? Faith. That’s it. I make plans, and no, they don’t always work out. But with that being said, it doesn’t mean that LIFE doesn’t work out.
Things don’t always go my way, I’ve struggled, harder than most; but I know that every hardship, every trial, every lesson has brought me to a greater Understanding, a greater Knowing, a True Logical Joy, of Who is actually in control of my Destiny!

So, I do see the stars from the bottom! From the bottom of holes I have dug myself into. From the bad choices I have made. From situations that I thought would never bring me benefit and from curses that turned into my greatest blessings.

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