A Christmas Blessing | Gentle Reminders from Heaven

So many times, we as God’s People, are drawn to look upward toward the sky for the Promises of God. There has been Fire from the Sky, the Manna that fell from Heaven, Heavenly Hosts, the Chariot of Fire, the Rains before the Rainbow and the Star of Bethlehem. And at the closing of a most devastating year, just three days before Christmas, the great star of Bethlehem reappears.

Let us take this opportunity to use this as a gentle reminder from the Heavens that God has promised to take care of His people. Our walk with Him has been greatly tested as being tried and true this past year. So let it be known by our rejoicing that a New Year with New Hope is coming!

Emmanuel, God is with Us. He has promised to Answer when we call on Him, Save Us from Ourselves, Straighten our Path so as to bring us into Grace, to Replace our Mourning with Peace, our Fear with Joy and our Sorrows with Gladness! He has promised us Salvation and Righteousness by Faith.

I believe wholeheartedly that the sighting of the Star of Bethlehem in 2020 was a mere reminder from our Heavenly Father to keep looking up. Don’t lose Hope, Don’t live in fear, for I am with you and I will make a way for my Kingdom to Come. My ways will be established on Earth as they are in Heaven. I will give you Daily Bread and Water. I will forgive your trespasses and I will lead you to cool waters to refresh your soul. Your enemies will be scattered and you will feast with me at my table. Good days are coming . Matthew 6:9-13, Psalms 23, Luke 2:11, Isaiah 55:12

So, Let us Begin this New Year, with New Hope for we Know the ways of our Lord and He is with us and we cannot fail! God’s Promises always Prevail! No matter the circumstances, no matter the battle, God’s people are always winning!

Be the New Hope with a New Discipleship, a New Discernment of the things to come. For He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Let us Journey our Path to Righteousness by Faith and Faith alone. He has made and kept His promises, now let us live by our belief in the Kept Covenant of Christ.

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