Keeping Your Friends Closer | Everyone’s Favorite Guy Never Gets an Invite

Let us see a show of hands who call Jesus their Best Friend! Now let’s see a show of hands who act like Jesus is their Best Friend.

Far too may times we say things we simply don’t carry through the activities we represent. Saying Jesus is the center of our lives and actually making Him the center of our lives are two harsh different realities. And this is where we find idolism so easily even in the Believer’s body.

Who and what are we truly putting first in our lives? Do we Grace the Lord with our Spiritual Presence? Or do we put levy’s on our time with him? Paul talks about as an observation to men and women who are starting families. We must recognize that this world is demanding of our time and energy. And that it is hard to serve two masters though try as we might, one will always get more attention. And the truth is, we simply cannot serve two wholly.

Building our careers, our marriages, our children, our hobbies, businesses, dreams… All those things feel important here on Earth. But the fact remains the same, none of that is going with us in the end. The only thing we have to hold onto is our Personal, One on One, relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Was He our Bestie, or just another favorite guy we liked to visit once a week?

We have all caught ourselves picking up the phone to call a Best Friend to yammer on about something that didn’t go the way we wanted it to. What do we think would happen if we made that call to Jesus first before we called someone here in the flesh? Would our perspective of the situation change?

Christ helps us understand His Wisdom through His teachings. If we spend enough time with Him on and off our game, we come to find He is the same guy everytime. Full of Grace, Attentive, Compassionate, Understanding and Wise beyond our comprehension. He truly does give the best advice. And once we have centered our situation on Him and how it affects the life He is preparing us for, we most typically lose the complaints we had in the first place.

I have found this process takes about three days each time I implement it. It evaluates and points out the sinful nature in me that God is wroughting out of me, it puts it to death and finally it rises me up in Him. By this process, I experience the Santification of Christ’s Death for me every single time and it has caused a new appreciation for this guy I call My Advocate, My Shield, My Best Friend, My Savior.

As Believers, let us Bring to Life the Language we use in Favor of our Lord. Let us exercise our interpersonal skills with Christ Jesus our Lord, our Best Friend. Let us allow Him to renew our Spirits when we are down as any Best Friend would! But in that small encouragement, we will find a genuine renewal by God that will cause us not to hunger or thirst again.

Praise God for His magnificence that still walks in the garden with us daily. Praise God for His Holiness devotion to mankind. Praise God for Him knowing how to be our Best Friend.

Verse of the Day

Proverbs 18:24

24. A man of too many friends comes to ruin, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.