The Power of Get Up and Go | Following Blindly or Living By Faith

Reading Book of Matthew, Chapters 1 & 2.

So much in these scriptures shows the Prophets word come to pass by one man’s Faithful actions. We see a great example of Faith in the Husband of Mary, Joseph. Just think what we could do to avoid conflict in our lives if we just heard the Heavenly Father as Joseph did!

Joseph never hesitated to LISTEN to God’s voice. And by jumping at the chance to follow out the commands of the Lord, Jesus was born into this world and saved from being murdered by King Herod! We have our Lord and Savior because of Joseph’s unyielding Faith. And the Lord’s purpose for Mankind was carried out by His actions.

But Joseph wasn’t following Blindly! He was following by Faith! Calling that which is unseen, Seen! By implementing the thought pattern that God’s provisions are already given to us by inheritance, we can move forward in our lives in a miraculous way. Following by Faith is rather the opposite of following Blindly. It is truly said that the blind walk by sight. But what they are seeing is the world, not the Spiritual realm. Spiritual Blindness stops us from even imagining the possibilities, the colors, the depth, width or might of God’s Love! Faith empowers us to see these things as they already exist because we have a knowing that they do truly exist.

Why do we think God spoke to Joseph in his sleep?

I believe it is the way into the mind through the back door, so to speak. It is a way for God to speak to us through our subconscious rather than our conscious mind. As our consciousness is constantly battling with itself and the clatter that comes from that thinking clouds our judgement. Our Concious Mind is the Adamic Nature we are born into and therefore we cannot shut it off or shut it out completely. But in our sleep, we are freed from this thinking, this consistent intention to call things good or bad. And so, in our slumber, we have the ability to simply recieve a thought instead of interpret it.

The choice that Joseph had when he woke up was to simply follow the message he had received during sleep, or in his dreams. He took action upon it without Understanding. He chose to simply follow the command of the Lord. So Joseph got up, and moved as instructed.

I recently moved from California to Tennessee, a 2500 mile move. This move has been so displacing and life altering. I made this move with a Penske truck and trailer that towed my meager possessions across the grand span of the United States. I can’t imagine packing a mule with some water and bread, leaving everything behind and making the trek across the Sierra’s, the Rockies and all that space to move to another town. But Joseph never quibbled about his fate. He simply packed the mule, the woman, the child and set upon the journey. The first trip Joseph took with Mary is undecided. I have read 492 miles, 90 miles and 60 miles. But even at 60 miles, going the speed of a walking mule would be too much for one of my Faith capacity to endure!

And to think, we have the luxury of driving a car with monies to stop and rest and eat at fast food joints! Reading this chapter really can cause us a need to evaluate the reluctance in our Christian Faith. We have such a desire for comfort in our lives that our mindset can work against the Lord and His plans for our life. I laugh out loud at the thought of my inadequacy to be more like Joseph when called by God in my own life.

So how can we exercise our Faith more like Joseph did?

There was a difference in the Belief system that Joseph was raised in and we as Christians, or Followers of God. And maybe the simple respect of the Law, or the Fear of the Lord was enough for Joseph. He set aside all his personal feelings about the discomfort of taking on a pregnant woman as a wife and traveling numerous miles by donkey to help her bear said child. His sacrifice to his culture and his own life is greatly portrayed here and yet, simply done. Let us compare this ability to follow in today’s age.

I knew that God called me to Tennessee, yet I was not willing to leave California without taking my things with me. I did not just jump in my car and leave! I waited for the timing to be right, for God to work it out… Or maybe it was for me to work it out. At any rate, I did not wake up and go as Joseph did. I wish I had now reflecting on these scriptures. I know now that the timing turned out perfectly, but what would my life be like had I simply got in my car three years ago and simply drove to Tennessee and started anew? Would it have really been all that bad? Have I missed a calling due to my failure to comply with the Lord’s word?

These are the questions we ask ourselves when we are reluctant to simply get up and go as Joseph did. What we don’t realize is that these are the questions of the concious mind in where we re-evaluate our purpose and question all things to be good or bad. These are the questions of Adamic Nature. So rather than accepting how the Lord moved me to Tennessee, I start evaluating how it could have been done differently with a more positive result. But, now that the situation is over, there is no rectifying the past, only moving forward and learning the value of getting up and going when called by God so as not to ask these questions of myself again. This is the beautiful part of our Santification! We learn about the ways of God and slowly start to implement those ways into our own.

Joseph is a great leading example to us to simply Believe that what God is doing in our lives will come with comfort and sustaining provision so as to get us to the next town.

We must not quibble about the details, we must simply get up and follow Him and His word and instruction in our lives. We must stop interpreting what we think God is doing and to simply watch what God does. We must be servants in this life, servants of His word so as to be leaders in the Kingdom.

How do we know we heard God’s word?

If we spend time over analyzing a word from God, we have already mucked it up with our own understanding, our Adamic Nature.

When we recieve Instruction from the Lord, it comes with an instinctual need to fufill a specific task. It also comes to us in several different ways. A dream, a brethren speaking to you as well as in Scripture are some examples of how God could bring a message to you. God will affirm His messages to us so that we know without a shadow of a doubt that what we believe to be hearing is truth.

So, by waiting on the Lord and asking Him to affirm an instruction, we can be sure to know that He is calling us to do something specific. Somehow Joseph knew that He knew He had heard God. And I would imagine if I had heard God the way Joseph did through a very affirming dream, I may not need affirmation to get up and go. But we all need an affirmation of the Spirit and we have the luxury of waiting on the Lord to provide that for us. All we need to do to recieve it is Ask for it.

Let us remember Joseph as a true example of following God wrecklessly though! What a beautiful example of Faith. By simply getting up and going where God calls us to go, we reap the benefits of God’s provision and His Blessings in our lives. I pray we all find moments in our lives where we can exercise this type of Faith and simply go when called by the Word of God.

There is so much to be said on this topic, so please feel free to post your comments and reflections below! God Bless and until our next reading, stay Alive in Him, each and everyday, putting on the Armour of God and Spreading the Truth in our Lands!