The Best & Worst of Times | Storms Build Foundations in Zion

I have gone through hard times most my life…. I married the wrong man, I dated other wrong men, I made horrible life choices and suffered from a lot of them.

I have also failed at many ventures, built and lost many different businesses, started in several different bands and stood for many projects I believed in…. all to my own efforts and failures.

And in most instances, people have fallen away and I have started new chapters and made new friends. But recently, in one of my most hard times I found that my people came out of the woodwork! I was astonished to see them all there!

Never in my life have so many people stood by me at the same time during one particular hardship. Looking back on it all, I now realize that this time, though is was an extremely difficult and painful situation, it was God bringing me through something and not a consequence from a bad life decision.

When everything is falling apart on you and you feel you have lost your way, when you are losing everything that you thought defined you, and the storms are battering your aching bones; stop and think back on your prayers, and then decide whether or not you have asked the good Lord to put you there.

Have you prayed for change? Have you prayed for a better way? Have you prayed for redemption, allowance, mercy, or hope? Maybe you prayed for someone else to change. Maybe you prayed for a different job, house or living arrangement. Maybe you prayed for strength, resilience, fortitude, grace, understanding or patience.

When we open our mouths to pray, so much more comes from our Spirit. Did you know that the Holy Spirit that is within us as Believers prays for us on our behalf through us? Romans 8:26-27 That’s basically saying that the Heavenly Father that lives within us, knows exactly what we need and actually seeks for that on our behalf instead of what we think we need.

Sometimes, when we are going through times that we consider our hardest, we are actually going through the best times of our lives! We are being spiritually rearranged by our Heavenly Father according to His will, by the shedding our Adamic Nature and the shakings of our foundation to find our one true place in Zion. Peace in Jesus doesn’t just come to us, it is formed within us through our sufferings. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

And it is these people who have suffered these intense spiritual warfare’s that end up being the most calm after the storm and able to console others. It is because slowly but surely the Lord is bringing us to a place in Him where we can’t be shaken anymore! Where the storms stop bothering us because we have figured out where our life line is!

The things that happen in this world shouldn’t bother us as much as they do. We are being called to live in the Truth. The truth is that we are living in a world of sin where it’s nature will always defy God and His ways. But just as we were called not to conform to the world, we are also called not to be angered by it. If we say Let Go and Let God, then that is what we must do in all situations. Learning to live by Faith takes practice, a lot of it. But at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Because it’s not the failing that causes us to be losers, it’s the complacency that overcomes us and the failure to continue trying.

And through each and every recourse, we find an epiphany, a bit of wisdom that helps us try again. So that by the time we have gone through enough, we find that we have thinned the herd around us to be the people that truly count. We have surpassed the need for the edgy crowd and chose the comfort of family instead. We have delved deep into our psyche and defined what we are willing to tolerate and have chosen a people who won’t test us. We have driven alongside Believers and Unbelievers alike and found which ones end up on the other side of the race. We have found that through all the hard times, God builds a community by us, through us and with us so that the storms become increasingly easier, increasingly tolerable and eventually strengthen us in united Faith.

These hard times we all go through do fortify us if we understand exactly what it is that they are here to destroy. It is not us brethren, it is our impatience, our solitude, our pride, our hatred, our intolerance, our idolatry, our misunderstandings, our wayward ways, our Sin. These times don’t come to test us, they come to test the sinful nature we were born into. This will cause us to fail so that the New Nature which we are Reborn into can be summoned and rise within us to become our Strength, our Character, Our Endurance and therefore our Hope. Romans 5:3-4

Praise God for these hard times. They have placed me upon a rock which cannot be moved and He has set angels guard over me and placed companions on my path to comfort me. He is refining this clay to be purer than gold and white as snow. Praise God for these tribulations, for they are making me whole.