Why Prayer is a Lifeline | Ask and We Will Succeed

I’ve been talking to the Lord about a lot of little things lately… I have been asking Him for Mercy & Grace… But also for some other specific little things… a new flannel, more plants for my household, a strengthened bond with my Step-Mother, a Spiritual influence for a friend, and so many other little things.

He provides every single time. Sometimes it’s a small gift from a friend that is exactly what we were looking for, or maybe an opportunity to hold witness to a specific influence I don’t know how to handle yet, and sometimes it’s wisdom in certain matters. But I will Testify, that Everytime I ask, He provides. The Lord told me tonight, “Ask and You Shall Recieve”

This walk of Faith includes learning HOW to pray! What prayer actually is, where prayer ends up when it leaves our soul, understanding how wonderfully and preciously it is handled… Learning to Pray is our ultimate lifeline to our Heavenly Father.

We can pray in Faith while sitting in traffic, while cleaning the house, while in Fellowship, when laying down to bed, while spending an afternoon with your family. Prayer can be lifted anytime, anywhere, doing anything… We must learn to use our Lifeline!

Using this connection properly that has been given to us freely brings us so close to our Heavenly Father. It creates the Intimacy we so much desire as His Children, and as His Bride. The act of prayer not only provides a time of seeking and a time of waiting to see what God can do! It develops an dependency on Him that otherwise lies within ourselves. The act of praying for something specific is not a fairytale thought, it is the Way, the Truth and His Life being implemented in us through Faith.

Pray. Pray. Pray. About everything, speak to your Father from the heart. Not with tradition or religion… Not with ceremonies or processes… Just pray. Tell him everything your thinking, feeling and wanting! Be honest with Him! That is the Freedom, as Saints of God, we have!

Praise God! We have Freedom by Faith! And it is within this Freedom that we can share our inadequacies with one another to build level ground and thereby strengthen each other as the Body of Christ and as Saints of God!

1 Timothy 6:12

12. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.