Great is Counsel Between Believers | Tribute from the Author

As I head off to sleep my weary head, I am so incredibly grateful for the ministry God has put in my life.

I realize that all the things I seek God’s council on, He puts someone in front of me that is struggling with the same regret, loss, trial or situation. We all are living parallel lives! We must never ever think we are alone in our thinking.

As Believers, we are called to be different, to manifest Christ’s ways within our own. And so many times we fall short with our Adamic patterns.

But, through our Fellowship, Encouragement, Scripture Sharing, and talking, we find that we can strengthen one another in Truth. It’s always about what Jesus would do.

Today I compared my broken picker, my loathing for injustice on several topics, my need for validation, my grief, and my lonliness to so many others that I know! And in every instance, there was only one resolution. Jesus. His existence and death covered the multitude of sins! Meaning we have been FORGIVEN or REDEEMED by Grace!

Alas, we still miss the mark and allow our TOKOGAE or the Knowledge we gain from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil to sway our minds into Old Thinking. God calls His People Holy! Who are His People? The Saved! Who are Saved? Those who Believe in the New Covenant. John 3:16.

If we are called Holy, meaning “other, or set apart”, then we are called to be Different. Meaning having a different thought than the Old Way of Thinking… We think differently about everything! All those situations that bring us grief, stress, sadness, lonliness, anger, frustration… We are called to see them differently than the rest of the world does.

The Way or Ability to see these things differently does not come from us though! It comes by the Holy Spirit imparting Wisdom within us. So that we see unblinded! So that we feel what God feels and hear what He hears. We can look at people who act irrationally and see their pain. We can see a trial we come into as an opportunity. We can see into the mirror our true selves and all the flaws this flesh brings.

Praise God for the vision He places within His People! To give them Wit, Power, Strength and even Joy in times that most people would be distressed! Praise God for bringing so many people who have the same questions I have into my life so that we can all hash it out together! Thank you Father for being so kind as to surround me with people who cause me to speak your words so I can hear them out loud and in turn recieve your wonderful and uplifting counsel!

Our God places me in Awe of Him! Great is my Fear for the Lord! That He would answer me in such a gentle and compassionate way so to help the Body of Christ through my struggles. Great are the ways of the Lord! And Great is His Mercy.

Until the next page… God Bless everyone and thank you for allowing God to speak to me tonight through our conversations. It has been an epic day which will in turn lead to an epic journey.