The Great Counselor Prepares His People for Every Path

Only God knows what we have been through. I lost myself in this life… many, many times. But somehow, by the Grace of God, I’m finding myself again, but not just finding me, I am finding me in Christ! And HIM IN ME!

People laugh when I talk about my conversations with God… A mockery happens when they try to compare talking to God about everyday situations… But He is my E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. All that I participate in He is a part of. He talks with me all the time! We talk about all the things going on in my brain! All the things going on in my body. And let me just say! He gets me better than anyone else does!

It’s about all the little things when we are in a personal relationship with a person. We tell each other everything, right? We talk about all the thoughts we have and all the doubts we have. We go over the situations that face us each day and discuss how we could have dealt with them differently. We laugh, we joke, we cry and mourn. We experience all the emotions, all the feelings, the anger and gratitude. But how many times, as Believers, do we do that with Jesus?

The scriptures teach us that Christ is our Friend! Our ADVOCATE. He comes to our rescue. Builds us up in need, corrects us when we are wrong, speaks tenderly when we are down and simply sits with us when there are no words. Jesus is the very best friend we could ever have! And yet, we don’t choose to talk to Him about Everything. Why?

Is it that we are simply afraid of the answers we may receive? That maybe we fear being corrected? Or that maybe we might find out that in the end, none of this existence really has anything to do with what we think it has to do with? Like…. Us?

I may look like the crazy Jesus Lady… But ya know what?!? I would be NOTHING without His constant guidance, His hints to living this Life, the POINT of every circumstance… And He is teaching me to be a better person every single second of this life!

His little whispers in the quietness. When I stop paying attention to my own thoughts, my iniquities, my insecurities, the Noise! The Distractions! This world screaming at me telling me what I should do or what I could have done, …. Only God knows my heart and where I have truly come from. When I look at me, I’m not who I was when I started this game. And He is the only thing that is different.

I went through a horrible place yesterday. I had a real episode of PTSD from some very horrible trauma. And it was only a spec of all the traumas I have seen… I won’t get into it here, but know that falling into such a dark place in a split second was a very scary moment! I was triggered and it was real, but in the same split second I heard and felt my Heavenly Father reaching into me to take it from me. To remind where I have come from. He told me that He was pointing it out to simply uproot it and take it from me. It wasn’t something I would ever have to deal with again. He pointed it out to me so that He could show me what He was removing so that He could show me what He was replacing it with!

Joshua 1:8 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

I believe wholeheartedly that counseling is necessary in many circumstances! But did you know that Christ is called the Counselor? His Holy Spirit travels with us, comforting us, imparting Wisdom and Faithfulness within us when we are unable! It is by our Testimony that we share God’s Grace! For what good is a journey when we can’t share what we have gained from it with others? It is us who have broken sails that mend the sails of others. It is us who have struggled and lost who proclaim victory to the Body of Christ! It is we who walk in the shadow of death who shout No Fear! It is because of our Testimony that the Freedom in Christ is revealed!

What the greatest blessing of all is that He loves us better than anyone ever could! He loves us when we are down, when we screw up, when we are wrong and even when we don’t want to love Him! All because He wants to teach us Truth; about us and about others. We begin to see through His eyes of Everlasting Love because He Loved us First!

If I’m going to spend the rest of my Eternity with this man I call Jesus, then I want to know every single part of Him, every idea in His head, every viewpoint and every perspective He has as if it were My Own!

“And it’s when we find our Desire for Him, that we find His Desire for us… This is the divine truth that was created in the beginning between Man and God so as to bring them together as one.” – Corrie Vallance

Talk. To. Jesus. About Everything! Your thoughts your laughter, your pain, your insecurities, your disappointments, your LIFE. He is the Lifelong partner we all seek. He is the Romantic Love we seek. He is the Justice we seek. He is the one true and only Friend we will ever need. He is our all and all … Because We were His first.

Enjoy this song!