Light the Way by Allowing Him to be Your Light

These past three weeks have put me under extreme stress…. I have started the New Job as a Radio Morning Show Host for Tuned In, I’ve lost hours on my main source of income which stretched me further financially than I have been in a very long time, I’ve been finally getting my spine treated again which has brought on some healing but ferocious pain and I’ve been the Captain on a Team for a festival… Coming in on the last three weeks of planning with way too much to accomplish and no connections.

However! The Lord is so Good! He has shown me who my New Friends are for Support and Prayer, He has given me strength I didn’t know I could muster, He has proven to me time and time again that He is FOR me and not against me!

God touches us in so many ways a day! He is always doing something to train and shape our Spirits! He is constantly preparing us for Life in His Kingdom, thru this one! It’s not about this place, these troubles, these circumstances or trials… I say to you, it is about preparing us for the Throne we shall take on in the Kingdom of Heaven!

And when we become Weak, shallow-breathed, too tired, overwhelmed and exhausted of all the things we face here on this earth, He sustains us! With Good Friends, by the Holy Spirit quenching us with Living Water! By giving Hope with Daily Bread! The Lord, our Jehovah Jireh is Our Provider!

Many people I know could not live the life I have lead. It has been wrought with  sorrow, abuse, loss and fatefull failure… But God has Sustained me through all of it. Now when things go wrong, I look to Him instead of myself, my things, my job, my bank account or the world. I look to Him because I know that He has a plan to fully bless me and keep me from my enemies!

A Huge Shout Out goes to so many of you who have stood by me this past month in all my frustrations as I pleaded with the Lord to give purpose to my wanderings and trials. Thank you for being someone I could count on and someone I could pray with. For simply encouraging me and not judging me for all the things that have gone wrong! For seeing that I press on and for calling out my Faith! Thank you for standing by my side!

In the end there will be an army of God’s People to face the End Times and I know who will be standing by my side! Yes, I have been called to lead, but with a quiet and humble heart I move forward. Let me be an example to the world, this existence is not about succeeding in this life, it’s about succeeding in Spirit! Praise God for who He has put in front of me! May we be beacons of His promises forevermore!

Psalms 29:11

11. The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.