Sick Day Reflection Shows God’s Blessings

Well, it looks like I am down for the count today folks… Started feeling funny last night and within an hour I spiked a High Fever, developed sinus pressure and a post nasal cough. My eyes are watering non stop and body aches all over so I think I’m going to choose rest and take it easy. It’s time I give my body a break

Since moving to Tennessee, I’ve been through a slew of heartache, stress, and mishaps… I have restablished my Business, been through a Major Job Transition, Started a Brand New Job in a completely new industry, lost over 31 pounds, and suffered several tragedies and all within just 4 short months.

I have also been caused to draw nearer to the One Who Saves Me, my Heavenly Father! The One who will bring me to restoration as He has Promised.

My life has always been a bit wrecked, always toiling to produce, fearful of what the world could do to me… But I am learning, slowly but surely, that it’s not about what I thought.

This Life is about Learning to Lean not on our Own Understanding, but on God’s! No matter what our circumstance. Developing a Relationship with our Good Lord, Jesus Christ, develops our Faith and Patience. The older I get, the more I realize why my Savior is so important to my Daily Living.

Live in the Moment because it’s the only one that counts. Pray for the Future Because God Answers Prayer and is For us and Never Against Us! And Cherish the Past where you gained Wisdom and or Grace. God is Good to keep us and is our Providential Father. The question is, do we allow Him to be that for us? Is He our Everything? Is He our purpose? We are His. Thankfully.

Wish me well resting! God Bless Everyone! I’ve got good company with Scout, lots of soup and tissue! Haha! Have a Wonderful Day and an amazing Weekend.

Verse of the Day
Isaiah 26:4

4. Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.


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