A Lost Sheep’s Testimony of Grace

For a Brief Moment I started to Believe what the Enemy was saying to me… I came down on my own head! I cursed the works God has done through me! I spat out the Truth and chewed on the cudd of BS that so many non-believers and this world were force feeding me to try and break my stance as a warrior! I started to Believe that I wasn’t good enough…

And Then He sent His Spirit to Rebuke the Enemy. To remind me that I am Whole in Him! Holy and Blameless. That My Heart TRULY walks with the Lord of Lord’s and King of Kings!

Through Friends, Family, Brothers and Sisters in Christ… Through Scripture and Guide Books… He built me back up and in the matter of a few hours I am standing Again in Zion! Confident in the God who Chose me to Follow! Armed with the Armour of God with which He has adorned me in!

I want to thank those who Prayed for me these past few weeks when God asked you to. One woke at 3:30am, another in the afternoon! Another while I laid in bed screaming for answers! For those who recognized my struggle and Loved me anyways. Who showed me what GRACE TRULY IS AS BELIEVERS! For those who stand by me as I walk through these trenches and remind me of my Calling. Who are Patient and Kind. Who don’t hold sins against me! You are a Precious Picture of Christ’s Love for His Children! You are my Support when I am falling. Thank you for picking me up so gently and placing me back in the Arms of our Savior!

Jesus Christ knows your hearts! He will elevate you amongst Nations for you have shown His True Love for the Bride! You fed me when I was Hungry! You gave me Living Water and Clothed me in Robes of Deliverance! You will be known by Christ when He comes to meet you, for You have Honored Him in your Tabernacles!

Thank you Jesus for surrounding me with Such Believers that they would go after the One Sheep that has fallen astray! Thank you Father for Loving me and pulling me in! Thank you! Praise You! Hallelujah! May my lips always be a witness to you and bring Glory and Honor to Your Name Father! Even by my own Salvation is Your Mercy and Power shown!

There are Lamps of Light in this world, and I’m lucky enough to know a few of them! When things get Dark, Confusing, Tiresome and they just don’t make sense… Fellowship! Pray! Seek God! He always finds a way to bring us Home into His Loving Arms!

I am the Shepherd’s and His Love is for Me. Amen.



  1. Great word from a true saint through and through. The very core of your being is just like planet earth, it is on FIRE!! A holy FIRE burns within you. You are the LIGHT, the LAMP that shines in the dark places of this world. You are a SAINT OF GOD most HIGH!! The Lord has done this… it is not you but HIM. And He continues that work so that the FIRE, the FLAME of HIS LOVE and PASSION for you will never dim or be without the OIL of HIS LOVE that feeds that fire.

    Press on!!!

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