Never-Never Land is a Figment of Our Imagination | Living as a Christian Realist

At the end of the day… Be You. Be Real. Be Honesty representing the fight we are all fighting. Believe in your Grace. Believe in your Worth.

Not the worth memes tell you, or your friend’s chants, not in cliches or fleshly affirmations… But in the Worth that God has given you.

We may be Tired. We may be Done. We may have lost our Dream in Never-Never Land… But we haven’t lost our Belief in the Land of our Redemption!

Work as a Saint! Walk as a Saint! Speak as a Saint. That means Live Truth! Don’t shy away from the damage this world has done, but rejoice in the Salvation that we’ve been given Freely.

It’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to be Sad. It’s okay to be Real! We can’t shy away from the product this world creates. But as Saints, we have a different reality! We have eaten the RED pill! The Truth of the Tree of Life! We have taken apart of Christ’s Death for us! Do you think the saving pill was Red insignificantly?

We accept Christ’s Death for our Sin. Therefore have CHOSEN to live in FREEDOM in Christ! What does that Freedom give us?

TRUTH. Period.

Live in the truth that this world does not give us answers to Happiness. Truth that doesn’t give answers to JOY! It gives us strength through the Joy of the Lord! Meaning, even the Joy is not ours! The Strength is partial to our Daily Focus on God’s Love for us! We live in that everyday.

We are to Live in our Labors to simply enjoy the Fruit of them!

Ecclesiastes 3:13

That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God.

Keep it simple stupid. God has no big plan for us to find riches and success here on earth! It is for the Riches in Heaven we arrive and survive for! It is for us to search here for everything to only find that He is the only answer to every single thing we go through! For all the struggles! For every heartache, every moment, He is making a way for a way for our Good!

Please listen:

We have been given the Right to seek Righteousness in Him! Let us not confuse it with the diabolical plans of earthly notions. Let us not get wrapped up in this Kingdom but live in the Kingdom we are Established in. God’s Kingdom which does not involve this world. It doesn’t involve this world’s Kings, Rules, Mandates, Presidents or Leaders… It was given to evil until His return. There will be nothing here that satisfies our soul that will quench it like Living Water and Daily Bread.

Matthew 5:6

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Let us Focus our conscience on the Truth. Stop believing in the lense we are taught to look through here on earth. We aren’t suffering spiritually… Only in flesh. The argument that is happening within ourselves to achieve is being redefined by God each and every moment! God is asking us to Rise Above the Noise of this place! Speak what we are in Him. Speak against the lies we are told. Speak above the tongues that tell you need to settle and simply be Happy here…. This is not Joy.

The Joy we experience is when we actually hear the Angels singing with the Lord over us! It is not even ours to own! Only to experience! Only to Feel! Only to lift us and Give us unbounded Strength! Praise God!

We will keep fighting as Warriors from Heaven for the meek, the astoundedly lost, the ones who haven’t seen what Christ’s Blood can do for them yet! For the blind, the broken and anguished. And getting to the place of being able to encourage that type of person takes great battles! Warriors must be trained. They must be wrought with pain so that they recognize it. They must be able to recognize the struggle. They must be able to see… and then Honestly define the solution.

So don’t be startled at the reckoning of a Believer’s experiences. Don’t be shocked at a True Believer’s remarks when they say, “No, I’m not okay”. We suffer for the loss of intellectual knowing that God is our Answer whole no one can see it! We suffer for those who are still lost. We suffer for those who can’t see the Beauty of Jesus waiting right before them. We anguish over the lies this world spreads to strengthen flesh when all it brings is more sorrow.

Let us encourage the light on each other’s lamps! Each and every one has been given a measure of Faith, Hope, Joy, and Strength. Let us hone in on that portion and give them a way out of the matrix we call earthly life. There is a much better place to live. God’s Kingdom is the only answer, then, now and forever.

God Bless!


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