The Simple Will of God | Belief is the Key Element to True Salvation

Remember this truth, “This is the WILL of God, that you believe on Him, His Son, Jesus Christ.”

Many do not understand the simplicity of the gospel. In the Mosaic Covenant the will of God was written on Stones. And one must peruse it often to remember the things God commanded the Jews.

However, in Christ’s Covenant the LIFE and RULE of GOD’S LIVING is actually transformed into us by the Holy Spirit coming into us at FAITH. Once that happens and true Faith has been ignited, the LORD HIMSELF becomes the obedience, really an obedience of FAITH, so that we are always IN the WILL of GOD.

Now in the Mosaic Covenant there was a LAND TO BE TAKEN and fully possessed. And so it is true that there is a LAND to be TAKEN in the New Covenant as well. That LAND is the LIFE of YOU and STEVE, and anybody who has come into faith. But as there were enemies in the Land of Canaan, so there are enemies in the land of YOU and STEVE and every believer on planet earth! But in both cases, God’s promise is that HE HIMSELF will take those enemies down to completely destroy them “…one at a time, little by little…” And that takes the entire lifetime of the believer! The reason you are sensing the closer experience of His life in You is because through every struggle and difficulty you have been through in this life GOD was REARRANGING your soul and mind, by a renewing process of the mind, taking out the remnants of TOKOGAE and filling you instead with the Spirit of the Lord.

He, God, has CAUSED YOU to become more and more just like Him, while you waited patiently upon Him. And that work will continue until you leave this earth to be with Him forevermore.

Christianity is by far the simplest and easiest religion on the face of the earth! But it is likewise full of great pressures and a baptism into fire that often times is quite difficult upon the soul and life of the believer. But for those who endure that fire, they become the bush ablaze, but not being consumed, which sits on HOLY GROUND through which God is able to speak through clearly to any and all who come near them.

I pray you have a wonderful day. Discover HIM in every problem that you face. And remember that He must be the Lord of every problem, the One who permitted it, and the One who will take it down to prove Himself the Savior of the Soul. Only HIM in all things. Only His will in all things. Until He is the MANAGER of the Soul, the LORD of the Soul, the MASTER of the LIFE within, the soul will face many hardships and difficulties. But when we are in trials of many kinds, we can REJOICE and SING LOUD, because we KNOW then that the Baptism of fire that Jesus promised us is working for our good and for His glory and praise.

BELIEVE and REJOICE ALWAYS! For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus!

WRITTEN BY Steven Scheffler 2020



  1. Hey Sister in Christ, my beloved daughter and fellow saint in the work and walk of God in Christ Jesus. So as I read this post I kept thinking to myself, where have I read this before? It was like I knew what was going to be said. Then it hit me, I wrote it?! What a honor and privilege you bestow upon me. What a blessing you present to me in my own language. THANK YOU CORRIE! Thank you so much. I’m both humbled and blessed by your sharing something I wrote. 🙂

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