Abundant Blessings | Keep Praying, He Answers

Our God is an Amazingly Awesome God! I witnessed a prayer answered today and it reminded me of how wonderfully God has blessed me so many times through my years.

He always comes through with exactly what I need exactly when I need it. I have no doubt that God is the FINISHER of our Faith because He is also our Provision. We come to grow and Believe in Him because He makes it so clearly apparent how He is for us and not against us. His Name is above all Names, He is our King of Kings! May we follow for the rest of our days!

Thank you Father for blessing me and others around me! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such an incredible journey. Thank you for writing a joyful testimony of my own miracles but also those of the Brethren you have placed around me!

I Love to pray with people because I know that God calls specific people to gather in His name because He is trying to show those people something in particular. He is opening their eyes to behold His greatness to help their unbelief and give them solid ground to stand firm in!

I look forward to what is coming. And while I know the road won’t be easy, I am certain that the Wonders and Mysteries of Christ will be manifested each and every day in my destiny. We are to claim Victory in Jesus Christ’s name. Praise God for His Everlasting Love. He is the Giver of Peace, Our Eternal Life, Our Alpha and Omega. He is Yahweh, Our Father Creator and the sum of our existence. Praise God!

In His Holy Name, Amen.


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