Is Hope a Wish, or Could it be a Little Bit More?

This morning I shared Romans 5:3-5 on my Facebook page. (See post here) It was to encourage the tired, lonely and weary as we hit the end of 2022. I wanted to remind people that even through trials and tribulations, we can find Hope. But then I realized, I did not truly understand what Hope was.

We pretend to know what Hope means. We confine it to the act of wishing things will work out. We describe it as believing that you never know what may happen, which ultimately points to the chance that something good may happen instead of something bad. But we still leave the act of hoping in the chance, or fate category.

In Greek and Hebrew comparisons, we find that the word, Hope is an actual act of confidence. A stance rather than a wish. A strong knowing, an expectation, a gratification and excitement as we wait on something we already know is going to happen. It could be compared to the act of Faith, in believing in the unseen. It is a knowing that things will turn out just the way God planned them too. An absolution that He has the best intentions towards us. That He and He alone will fulfill our Identity and Destiny.

So then, how can we share Hope? By standing with confidence of the things we know are to come. We can proudly speak it from the mountaintops that we will reign forevermore. That we will have victory in the face of defeat. We will overcome because He has overcome the world.

Now that is a Hope we can all Believe in!

Share the Good News. Again, all the truths about our God are in the scripture! We simply must decipher them correctly. Since the beginning of time, God has been encouraging us to wait on Him as He will have Victory. It’s been a long wait. But through the ages we have witnessed many small triumphs and glories! Watch for them daily, we may be surprised at the small successes that transform our destinies into our identities in Him.

Praise Be and Happy New Year from



  1. Good word Corrie.  Sounds like you have embraced a better understanding
    of Hope.

    We had a boring Christmas this year.  No presents under the tree.
    Watched all the Christmas movies we could find.  And ate a lot of good

    Wish you’d been here. We got a little snow too.  Thank the Lord for the
    snow.  It has such great meaning to me.

    Hope your time with your daughter was everything you had hoped it would be.

    Love you so much!  Miss you even more.  Kisses and hugs,
    Daddy, alias Steve.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was good for me… I saw lots of snow in Ohio and got to see much of the state driving around.

    Annie is well and working things out. I missed y’all too. But it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

    I’m learning, growing, healing and expanding my understanding of our Heavenly Father all the time. I know there’s so much more to comprehend.

    Love you too! Take care and I’ll be coming for a visit as soon as I can!


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