I Will Ease Your Burden

I have inherited Your testimonies forever, For they are the joy of my heart. Psalms 119:111

The testimonies! Those are the stories of the trials we have OVERCOME! The PROOF and EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS!

Speaking of things that God has Overcome in our Lives brings us GREAT JOY!

If you are feeling downtrodden, weary, expressed, tired or heavy ladened, take some time to focus on what God has done for you in the past. Focus on the blessings you have in your life.

Praise God! Have have we not conquered so many opposing trials in our lives? What more do we need to squash our doubts? How many times must the Lord come save us from ourselves before we start to rely on Him wholly instead of ourselves?

It is said that some people like to learn the hard way. Are we the ones who are so stubborn to assume God picks and chooses when He will lend His Grace upon our heads? Who are we but mere men who oppose the Father’s will with our heads and our words and yet, He still comes to Save us? What shall then do we count on for Perfect Salvation if not the Lord?

Hold your heads up Saints of God! For the Time is Now that we center ourselves in devotional prayers; giving up the burdens we have taken onto ourselves and laying them down at the foot of the Cross. Christ’s burden is light and way is easy. Let us trade this world for the next whilst we are still in flesh and hold onto what is coming by Faith which is hope in the unseen.

For we have testimony of succeeding Grace and Power from each of you, my brothers and sisters. For all the waves and mountains of the sea have fallen on your heads and yet you did not stumble, for God saw your way.


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  1. […] But as we grow as Believers, we learn that the ways of the world consistently cause hardships and trials. When we allow His ways to manifest in our lives, we become wise in managing loss, tribulation and hardship. We know the minute we start to struggle with something, if we “Let Go and Let God”, things will work out for our Good! Read more about God’s light burdens in our post, “I will Ease Your Burdens“. […]


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