I Will Guide You

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your way? Maybe you have turned away from God and you need to find your way back? Or, maybe that He has turned from you? Don’t worry! I too felt like I was lost and had to find my way back through a dark treacherous storm!

The Good News is this! We will never be lost to our Good Shepherd who is always waiting to guide us! The second we cry out to the Lord, He is with us, bringing us under his cloak of protection and guiding us home. All we need to do in this life is Follow Him. How? Share good news with others when we are down to encourage our own spirits! Stay close to the scripture and speak to the Lord often. Rejoice in the Lord always! These things will bring us the Joy of the Lord!

He is our Living Water when we are thirsty. John 4:14

He is our Daily Bread when we are hungry. John 6:35

Eat and drink of Him daily and we will be satisfied in the spirit.


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