Stop Mourning Your Flesh

Are we living in fear of doing the wrong thing so as to live up to our granted salvation? How many hail marys does it take to cross the road? Are we still slave to TOKOGAE, or is there actual Freedom in Christ?

The state of this wonderment belongs in our awe of knowing that Christ’s death and resurrection has wrought our souls of sin and set us on a path of Righteousness for His namesake. It does not belong in our ways of works.

As Christians, part of our understanding of the work done on the Cross comes from our complete repentance of our sinful ways. But it doesn’t stop there. Many religions have trapped many souls in this parody of repentance so as to cause the man, or Adam, to stay in a constant state of reckoning.

In other words, religous acts cause us to get stuck in a vicious cycle of sin and repentance so as to distract us from the finished work of Christ!

Can we not say that We have Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb?

Then why do we insist on living in the shame before redemption?

TOKOGAE, or… The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, was the very seed that put us in a consistent state of doubt wherein we start to believe in ourselves more than our Heavenly Father and we start to question our very existence in His realm.

Fortunately, we have been given the Truth. Our only mishap in receiving our Grace is true Acceptance of the Word. As it is written in the Scripture, so it is written on the hearts of the Believers and they will know that I am their God. Read here Hebrews 10; a magnification of ritual verses accepting the promise of God’s of Grace.

We as Believers should encourage one another to actually Live in that Truth! Let us stop chaining one another to the old ways, the law. The state of mind that is sorrowful and watchful for failure. But instead let us collaborate a Rejoicing from the earth that rattles the very foundation of the TOKOGAE within us and sets our Feet on the Way, the Truth and the Light!

If we truly Believe in the Salvation we have chosen to Receive, should we not walk in it freely? Celebrating this newness in the Spirit and encouraging one another every day to get excited about the state we are now in gives affirmation to the Joy we experience in the Lord.

Romans 8:1
8 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit

That is The Good News Brethren! The excitement that wells up in our soul when we are first saved is something we should carry with us for our whole lives. Then why do we stumble back into old patterns of the fall before salvation? Easy, TOKOGAE.

Everything about this world is teaching us that life is full of chance and that most of the time, it results in a bad way. That somehow we can insure our fate. That rarely we will have something go right and if we do, it’s simple luck because somewhere there’s a law of reasoning that has set our thinking to believe we don’t deserve a good life. But in God, the total opposite of this is true. The Lord has set forth hundreds, if not thousands of Promises to us as Believers that we can hold onto for good. These promises set in motion the New Life we are given by Christ’s work. But in order to live in that New Life, we must start receiving it.

Acceptance; the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered

Everyone is always looking at their actions and using judgement to create a positive or negative outlook on their life which sets in motion their daily recompense instead of daily praise. If we truly believe that Christ’s death was the One Death for all sin, and that we have been truly forgiven and that we have risen as new creations with Him in His Resurrection; then are we not freed from this religous act of daily devotions? Do we not have something to celebrate? Do we not have hearts of Thanksgiving and Rejoicing?

Understanding the New Covenant is where our true Freedom in Christ lies. The entirety of the scripture in the Bible are parables of Christ’s death and resurrection. There is no other message that Christ was here to deliver to us other than, “I forgive you and I love you”. So where then do we find our condemnation other than in our Adamic nature to find right and wrong within ourselves.

John 3:18 18. “He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

We must start holding onto the Truth as it has been written! We are past the confession! We can hold the torch of our bridegroom and await His coming with clear conscience. Praise Be to His Holy Name for He has set us on a path of Righteousness for His namesake and we linger in sin no more.

This is the Hope we have. A friend told me, “God has changed my life so drastically recently that the plans I had set for my life have turned into nothingness. It was all laid out, like a beautiful picture and now there is nothing but darkness because I can’t see what’s coming.”

But then, with great Faith he said, “but I know God doesn’t intend to harm me, He only wants to build me up, so I have nothing to fear and only excitement for what God has planned for my life.”

You see Brethren, the nothingness is simply this. There is no yesterday and no tomorrow. There is only today. There is only this moment. Remember the movie “Neverending Story”? The nothingness happened? The darkness was consuming them because they had no one believing in them? Think of that as the world’s view. They must find a way to believe something is there or the fear takes them over. They have nothing to replace the nothingness with, so they are the lost and broken! Not the Believers.

God is infinite, omnipotent and omnipresent. He is everywhere all the time with infinite power. But all He cares about is this. One. Moment. Here … and now this one.

Remember that very first love you had, when you were laying in the dark, listening to each other breathe, and you never ever ever wanted it to end. When you wished time would stand still and never restart so that you could stay in that moment forever. That is the moment God created for us! This is the Bride and Groom becoming one. This is our whole life with God. For God there is no time. It is Eternal Living. I want to open a Care Center called “Eternal Living” for Believers.

Day after day, we have the opportunity to fall in love with our Heavenly Father with a fresh new perspective. Fixing our gaze on Him and never looking away. Walking in the Garden and with every single step, a new eternity, a new beginning, a new dawn and new Hope.

Let us live in the ways of our Father. Jesus says, I am the way. Meaning living each and every day with the renewed Hope we have in His Death but even more so, His Resurrection. Let us dwell on the New Life we gained, not in the death we lost. We must stop mourning the death of our flesh and start living the new life our Creator gave us. Rejoicing in the infinite moment we have to be held close by Jesus in love, not in the old law of judgement. For this was the Gift of Salvation we have to hold onto. This is the Kept Covenant we have in God.

Please share your comments and thoughts. Prayers be with you. Love, Corrie Vallance


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