New World Order Calls Christians to Their Closets

Ladies and Gentlemen, People of God, Believers, Church Goers, Faith Walkers, Friends and Family

You have been given the Living Word, a tool to help you through any and all circumstances that this world can dish out.

You do not have to be a victim of circumstance. You can Thrive even now!

As Believers in Christ, we have been told we are to inherit the earth. But, before we do, God has promised to remove the wickedness from it. Do you think that this task would go smoothly? Do you think there would not be hard times while God cleanses this world? Think again!

There will not always be easy times, but that is why He has told us to lean on Him when we are not strong. His Joy is our strength! His Mercy bounds us to Him and we will be forever righteous in his eyes if we simply Believe.

Hold on to the absolute one truth we all have! God’s Love for Mankind! He truly wants to be with you through this tribulation. But we must seek Him daily, hourly and moment by moment!

These new political, medical and public problems are not going to just go away. But we can ask Him to explain to us how me must live now through them. How must we thrive in this new world existence. How must we support one another in these new locked down communities.

We must rely on our Poppa God to guide us and bring us to a place of victory. Our constant bashing of political nonsenses, our opinions whether right or left, our medical evaluations and our gathered and researched informations will not help us right now!

Only the Living Word can bring us to a new found wisdom and a unsurpassable peace as we lean on the Lord and not on our own understanding of our positions right now. Let us seek him together quietly. Because even if we all gather in our closets alone, the body of Christ will lift up as one and we will be unified in Spirit!

I am here if anyone wants to chat about the Lord or needs prayer! I implore those who read this to find a way to be with the Lord each and everyday, even if it’s just for a few moments. It will exceedingly change your life! God Bless everyone!

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If YOU BELIEVE in the Power of the Word, Please Share this Blog Post! Let the world know how to function! Show people how to live! Let us as a Church Rise Up! Can I get an Amen!?

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